Bus Stop Shelters

How Steel Post and Rail Can Help with Your Bus Stop Shelter Project

Is your business or organisation working on a bus stop shelter project? When it comes to bus stop shelters for public transit, schools and sporting facilities, Steel

Post and Rail have extensive experience and dedication to quality. We have been designing and building bus shelters for a range of clients for more than 25 years. Our bus shelter structures are standard and customised, and are manufactured to be heavy duty and highly functional, offering superior roof coverage and shelter from the elements while using simple yet impressive design aesthetics.


The Importance of Bus Shelter Installation

Bus transit is a popular and easy choice of transport to work and school, but waiting in the elements for your bus can be a deterrent to using bus services. Steel Post & Rail design bus shelters for maximum shelter and comfort for patrons, not for optimised manufacturing sizing. Our shelters use heavy duty and maintenance free materials and components for a minimal maintenance spend and long product lifetime. Investing in a bus shelter structure can help your facility with:

BC1 Curved Roof

  • Optimising comfort and shelter for bus patrons: A bus stop shelter protects from the elements. It helps break the wind on cold days and provides a roof under which passengers can huddle to get out of the rain. It offers a much-needed spot of shade on scorching hot days. Getting commuters out of the elements protects them and makes wait times for buses less of a problem. No wonder parents advocate for school bus shelter projects in their neighbourhoods.
  • Increase bus service patronage: Would you be more likely to take the bus to work if doing so didn’t mean standing out in the rain for 20 minutes? You aren’t alone. Studies have shown that bus services flourish when more bus stops have well-built, well-maintained structures.
  • Improve your facility both functionally and aesthetically: A bus shelter can be more than just a functional installation. Indeed, teaming up with the right company for bus shelter design and installation can lead to a beautiful structure that adds character to a street and makes it feel safer. Steel Post & Rail manufacture and install standard bus stop shelters or custom design, and we specialise in a custom designed shelter for high use transit areas in schools and public facilities.



How to Customise Your Order for a Bus Stop Shelter

Steel Post and Rail supply city councils and local government with standard and customised bus stop shelters. We also specialise in design, manufacture and installation of customised structures for school bussing areas and public transit facilities. All our structures can be optimised to suit your preferences for size, shape and with a range of colour and protective finishes.

BC5 Curved Roof

  • Please peruse some of the work we’ve done in the past: Click here to explore past bus shelters from Steel Post and Rail. You will be able to see some of the variety we’ve injected into our projects over the years and get a sense of what you want or need.
  • Consider the setting and need: Where will you be building the bus shelter in question, and what type of bus shelter is it? Is it a public transit bus shelter? A school bus shelter or protection for a university shuttle system? Each will likely have different requirements for size and look.

Finally, give us a call to talk through your project. We’re happy to lend a few ideas and help you start brainstorming the perfect shelter for your bus stop.

Why Customers Should Use Steel Post and Rail

At Steel Post and Rail, we have a reputation for providing attractive outdoor structures that are built to withstand Australia’s tough conditions. From baseball dugouts to park furniture and covered walkways, we know what it takes to create these types of structures. If you are interested in working with us for your project, give us a call today.