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Sports Dugout Shelters Australia | Steel Post Rail


Who wouldn’t miss that small cosy nook of a dugout shelter at the side of any sports arena? Whether on a field, playing football, rugby or hockey, it definitely is a place where team personnel and players can stay together, watch events unfold in the game and literally take shelter and protection from the elements when they are not playing.


A dugout shelter is a common sight for sports enthusiasts found in almost every sporting facility. It can be the standard shelter or it can be custom designed and implemented in different colors, sizes and design. However, the fabrication of every shelter cannot be taken lightly. It has to be a sturdy structure to allow a number of players utilise it and thus should very well be built to last.


Constructing a dugout shelter takes precision, attention to detail, quality and expertise. It takes an expert. And our experts at Steel Post and Rail produce these dependable sporting shelter areas and reliable dugout shelters Australia that are built to withstand changing and unpredictable climates.


With over 30 years experience in delivering highly specialized sporting structures of top quality, Steel Post and Rail can provide the best shelter for your facility. Our manufacturing processes and durable materials and components always deliver a dugout shelter that one can count on –  a combination of unique and highly durable materials and components built to last. Our use of hot-dip galvanised Australian steel frames and unique galvanized Locsteel sections provides the stability and durability required to withstand the unpredictable weather conditions in Australia.


These attributes, combined with the Australian steel frames and Colorbond roofing, allow us to produce just about anything you require, from an outdoor bench, covered walkway or bus shelters. Even stadium grandstands and larger high-profile projects and installations are within our capacity to deliver. You are assured of a shelter that can provide rest and comfort in the midst of an exhilarating game.


Whatever your needs may be, whether a build needs to be designed from scratch or your local sports club is in need of an upgrade or major renovation, we are able to meet your requirements, professionally creating your solution from a simple start to an awesome finish.


Steel Post and Rail provides a wide range of sporting dugouts from a simple and conventional standard shelter to highly customized designs to suit your varying requirements in terms of length, depth or height. Just let us know what you require and our professional and experienced team at Steel Post and Rail will design and construct it. We have Grindle style and Bay style dugouts, dugouts with courtesy seats, polycarbonate dugouts and larger dugouts designed to compliment a  2 to 3 tier grandstand. For practical use, we also produce portable dugout shelters that you can transport anywhere and anytime with various cladding options and color schemes to choose from.