Grandstand Seating Australia | Steel Post Rail

Grandstand Seating Australia | Steel Post Rail


Just as a car seat is vital to the car, or a cinema seat is important to the cinematic experience, so to is the grandstand seating in a stadium, coliseum or school auditorium.. It wouldn’t function as such without a dependable grandstand seating to cater to the needs of onlookers, spectators and a lovely audience ready to witness any memorable event.


With a 30+ year track-record in manufacturing, installing and maintaining a wide variety of grandstand and grandstand seating solutions all over Australia, Steel Post and Rail is the trusted supplier of grandstand seating designed to meet ever-changing needs for seating in sporting clubs and educational centers Australia-wide.


Delivering quality, sturdy and efficient seating solutions and other Australian products make Steel Post and Rail the “go-to” manufacturer for a diverse range of grandstand needs; whether for courtyards, educational institutions, public spaces, sporting facilities and other businesses Australia-wide.


Whether you have 2-tier, 3-tier,4-tier and 5-tier grandstand seating requirements, or even a customized and made-to-order, you can be assured that Steel Post and Rail’s knowledge and expertise can offer you the sturdiest seating for your basic grandstand needs as well as the proficiency in producing the most unique and exceptional solution according to your customized and distinctive grandstand needs and requirements.


For a basic 2 tier grandstand, the team at Steel Post and Rail have dedicated many years of providing only the best that Australia can offer. For 3-tier seating, managing the entire process from designing, coordinating and installing the final product is Steel Post and Rail’s forte with nearly a lifetime of combined experience to back it all up. In fact, there are already dozens of 3 tier grandstand installations all over Australia for councils, sporting clubs and educational facilities, and still counting.


For large scale grandstand projects requiring 4-tier and 5-tier seating, there is no one else you call upon. Steel Post and Rail has the experience, expertise, to deliver, stand-the-test-of-time and quality as well as designing practical solutions that cater exactly to Australia’s varying needs.


With the noteworthy experience and knowledge in seating you can be confident in our products, processes and our personnel to deliver quality and practical solutions that will suit your exact requirements.


Steel Post and Rail’s grandstand seating is 100% Australian manufactured utilizing only Australian-made steel. This is a guarantee of quality, superiority, class and most of all sturdy usability. Standard designs use steel framing, which is hot dip galvanised after fabrication, rather than using off-the-shelf pre-galvanised steel. With this, you have the assurance that getting from Steel Post and Rail is absolutely a perfect fit.


For a fair price with the grandstand seating Australia market, Steel Post and Rail Australia undoubtedly offer a product with greater durability and better aesthetics. With the peace of mind that it is also 100% Australian made.